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Extreme is a very light, waterproof thermo boot that gives great insolation down to -20℃. The mixed wool lining is really cozy. Extreame is a trusted winter classic.

Extreme Thermo Boots

  • BASF Elastopan®.                                                                                              Thermo boots for kids and adults endure up to -20° Celsius. How? The thermo boot material is made of polyurethane which encaptures millions of tiny air bubbles. These bubbles provide superior insulation and keep even adult boots very light, actually 40% lighter that PVC or rubber. Viking only uses high quality Elastopan® from BASF. It is biodegradable and 100% PVC free.

    • Wool Blend Lining
    • Rubber Outsole
    • High Isolation Material (BASF)
    • Snow Lock for Deep Snow
    • Extra Toe Reinforcement


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